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Tim Nies, our lead DBA practice attorney, veteran of the U.S. Army’s elite 3rd Ranger Battalion, and former lead insurance company trial lawyer, acts swiftly and knows how to successfully battle the DBA insurance carriers. He is known for obtaining outstanding financial results for his clients.

Tim goes to work every day fighting for his clients’ rights and does not allow DBA insurance companies to mistreat his clients. The best time to retain a Defense Base Act lawyer is right after you are injured. This way, when the insurance companies wrongfully reduce or terminate compensation, refuse to authorize a choice of physician, or offer low-ball DBA settlements, Tim is ready to swiftly react to bring the matter before an Administrative Law Judge.

Resolved DBA Injury Cases

The cases listed below are just a few of the recent significant settlements we have worked hard to recover for our DBA clients. As a US Army Ranger Veteran, I fight hard for my contractor clients' rights and for their future.


for a contractor who sustained lumbar spine injuries in Afghanistan when his K-9, attached to a long line, ran off in the opposite direction


for a contractor who sustained lumbar spine injuries after he fell off a Hesco Barrier in Iraq. Reluctant insurance carrier eventually settled.


for a helicopter pilot who sustained spine injuries during flight operations. The client was crammed in a very small space flying, worsening his condition.


for a contractor who sustained lumbar spine injuries while conducting defensive tactics training with Afghanistan Uniform Police officers.


for a senior chef contractor who worked day and night in an understaffed facility and slipped and fell, sustaining a hip injury in Iraq.


for a linguist who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the team he was attached to was ambushed in Iraq.

Our Counsel

Tim Nies

Tim Nies is a veteran of the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers and a former insurance company casualty attorney who has represented Fortune 500 companies. Injured in the line of duty during a parachute mission, Tim worked hard to recover from his physical injuries and thus has a valuable insight into the daily struggles of people who have been injured. He also has a deep understanding of the policies and tactics used by DBA insurance companies and is passionate about helping injured contractors break through these hurdles to get the compensation they deserve. Tim is well-known in the DBA law community as a trial savvy and passionate Defense Base Act lawyer.

Christian Van Riper

Van Riper & Nies sets itself apart with the experience of its DBA attorneys. As a former prosecutor for the state of the Florida, Christian Van Riper knows how the other side thinks, allowing him to create proactive legal strategies for criminal defense clients.

Before becoming an attorney, Christian was an investigator with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), giving him a unique perspective not only on criminal cases, but also on family law and divorce cases.

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